On Naturguide Møn's guided tours, Susanne leads you out into the wild nature in a way that will make you see, hear, taste and experience Møn in a more intense and unique way than if you were on your own.

Experiencing nature with a professional and local nature guide can help to create a contact with nature, a balance and calmness, which we can often lack in our busy everyday life.

Susanne rosenild

I'm passionate about connecting with nature

When we spend time in nature, our connection to life strengthens. The pleasure of being in the elements of nature, strengthens the feeling of what we, as humans truly are - part of nature.

I'm passionate about conveying the importance of connecting with nature.

Naturguide Møn has an agreement with the Nature Agency under the Ministry of Environment of Denmark, to  guide in the national forests of Møn. So when you are visiting Møn, you can book me and let me guide you around the amazing, beautiful and unique nature of Møn.

Nature's richness and unpredictability have always excited me and made sense to me. I look forward to passing this on every time I lead a guided tour.

Nature Guide & biologist

Trained nature guide

Susanne is a biologist and trained nature guide, and has 17 years of experience as a nature guide on Møn.

Dark Sky Park

Dark Sky Guide

In 2017, Møn og Nyord was internationally certified "Dark Sky Park" - which means very little light pollution and therefore natural darkness and good visibility in the cloudless night sky.

As a trained Dark Sky Guide, Susanne is ready to invite you into the darkness, where the senses are brought to life.



WILD FOOD is an initiative that is about the wild, edible nature and how you can bring it into the kitchen. Throughout the country.

Susanne is as a trained WILD FOOD Ranger by the people behind restaurant noma, and is ready to teach you how to use the edible nature.

Møn UNESCO Biosphere

Møn Biosphere Ambassador

Møn, the surrounding islands and bodies of water are part of UNESCO's worldwide network of biosphere reserves.

As an interpreter of Møn's wild nature, Susanne is registered as a Møn Biosphere Ambassador.

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