Awaken the Senses

Need to turn off the brain for a little while?

Explore Møn with an experienced, local nature guide who gives you a unique perspective on everything that the sensual nature in the Møn Biosphere area has to offer.

Awaken the Senses

Experience the natural elements of Møn in a way that awaken the senses.

Let an experienced nature guide take you along at a calm pace, where we can, for example, see Møns Klint, wild horses, the peregrine falcon and other sensual nature experiences.

Susanne Rosenild guides you to scents that fill your nostrils, sounds that soothe your mind, tastes that surprise and sights that excite.

The location is determined according to the season and practical possibilities.

Duration: approx. 2 hours
Minimum total price: 1,650 DKK incl. VAT
Phone: +45 20 30 33 46
Receiver: Naturguidemoen
Bank: Merkur Andelskasse
IBAN: DK4784010001026048